Youth inclusion, participation and engagement

Youth inclusion, participation and engagement.
Young people need to be decision‐makers within their communities and must be accorded free spaces and not simply benefits and handouts. AIMYI’s has created opportunities and platforms where youth can build their future using their own voice through what already exists and take ownership of their destiny. We create spaces for youth to passionately release their views and position themselves for mainstreaming into the lifecycle of leadership and development. The youth in Africa deserve to have a voice and space to contribute ideas on the issues that affect their lives and AIMYI provides the opportunities for ongoing engagement and networking the different stakeholders in the region including civil society organizations, political leaders, communities as well as online platforms for engagement which all facilitate experience sharing, tracking of commitment and influencing policy. AIMYI also uses these platforms to advocate for gender cross-cutting themes including gender mainstreaming that seeks to ensure that the visions, interests needs of both young women and men are reflected in policies, programmes and strategies including gender equity, fairness and justice.

• Capacity building and training for advocacy;
• Conduct free spaces for meetings on concerns of the youth with the community leaders
• Formation of networks, groups and coalitions that build and maintain positive relationships between young people and their communities.
• Hold community dialogues
• Conduct think tanks and debates
• Hold Press conferences and statements



I am transformed, I am empowered, I am motivated, I am committed and Inspired, Africa is alive, and the African dream begins with me!


We aim at making agreat differnce in the youths’s life so as to make sure that every youth of this generation accesses the best services for abetter tomorow.


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