Transformative Leadership

Transformative leadership is about making or influencing positive change and addressing
inequity. AIMYI seeks to root ethics built on the foundation of integrity driven by a sense of responsibility and purpose. We strive to create visionary perspective among the youth who care deeply about promoting a more equitable society and improving the lives of others. Our core values are hinged on imparting the uses of courage, altruism, empathy, resilience, influence, character and positivity. Today Africa has a resource matched by very few regions of the world, a growing population of young people, it is estimated that by 2050, Africa will have the youngest labour force in the world. However these youth will not be able to reach their full potential and contribute to transformational change in their societies and economies without acquiring knowledge on leadership transferable. African youth operate in a vastly different and globally interconnected world, where knowledge generation and exchange is extremely rapid, and information is freely available. The challenge is to translate this knowledge into usable information applicable to solving problems and challenges in their communities. The African dream will depend on the ability of this generation to collaborate and network across geographic and cultural boundaries, and to understand and apply innovative solutions to challenging issues, including how to build economies in a sustainable manner and act prominently as influencers of change in society. This program helps youth to acquire skills in Communication, negotiation, team-building and team work, public speaking, character skills such as perseverance, emotional regulation, empathy and resilience, Social and cross-cultural tolerance, cohesion, conflict management, resolution, justice, peace and co-existence. The program is conducted through;

• Mobile leadership training clinics and School tours in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions
• Mentorships
• Civic Leadership, career guidance and counseling
• Connectivity to opportunity
• Connectivity to Internship, Volunteering and community work
• Leadership and career camps

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