Economic Empowerment.

The aim of this program is to produce highly motivated, selfless, and dedicated young men and women who are equipped with the necessary skills to participate pro-actively in the development of the private sector and the creation of employment. The program has three mutually reinforcing components; • Household processing and value addition: Our main focus here is to build and provide support for a network of youth rural household enterprises that act as community user clinics for gaining household processing skills and using them to add value to their produce. The youth are facilitated in networking and formation of savings groups and SACCOs which further have the ability to obtain group loans to purchase small equipment used in processing at household level. • Household production: Our area of focus here is to ensure that every youth participates in agricultural production and partakes of the inclusiveness in the different value chain activities for different produce at all levels. Free training is provided on different value chains, actors and institutions and is supplemented with free induction on produce value addition by volunteer experts, facilitators and research firms. • Entrepreneurial incubation: AIMYI runs a 5 day training for a cohort of 20 participants each month on basic entrepreneurial principles and inducts them through a network of supporting volunteer mentors who continuously support these youth in their different areas of interest including but not limited to; 1. Agriculture 2. Textile and Clothing design 3. Welding and Metal work 4. Carpentry and Wood work 5. Pottery 6. E-learning connectivity platforms for professional development in business


Uganda alone has an unemployment rate of 83% which is also among the highest in the world, unemployment among the youth has shown lifelong effects on income and employment stability. The affected young people if not empowered become weaker early in their career and show lower confidence and resilience in dealing with labor market opportunities and setbacks over the course of their working lives. However, our projects trajectory has shown a firm contribution towards the reduction of unemployment, low incomes as well as improvement and inclusion of youth in SME development, creating startups, artisanship in rural areas and business development. The long-term impact is to harness a sustainable enterprise development and increased incomes among the youth.

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