Who we are?

Africa In Motion Youth Initiative (AIMYI) is a nonprofit organization operating in seta Mukono in Uganda and was started in 2013 as a Community Based Organization in Mukono District but later amassed it operations countrywide with a support network of youth from Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi. AIMYI seeks to provide capacity building, hands-on demonstration and training, support for localized innovations, entrepreneurial and bussines development to address the challenges of unemployment, low incomes and food insecurity in Africa. Our aim is to engage young people towards bringing creating start-ups and sustainable agricultural enterprises based on principles of environmental and social responsibility. We believe in sustainably harnessing food security, stimulating leadership, economic development and fostering environmental stewardship among the youth. Africa has a growing young population whose potential has the capacity to transform and empower the next African generation today by acquiring different skills, dynamics, tools and techniques provided by research and development to combat the amassing global challenges. AIMYI is run by a secretariat comprising of staff and governing board supported by a network of volunteer mentors, facilitators and well-wishers whose desire is to make Africa a prosperous continent.

what defines our Organisation


Transforming And empowering The Next African Generation Today


A strong representation and participation of youth in championing change through social and economic development at all levels in Africa.


To coordinate collective action among youth and other stakeholders through networking, capacity building, resource mobilization, research and advocacy for the attainment of prosperity.

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What we stand for.


I am transformed, I am empowered, I am motivated, I am committed and Inspired, Africa is alive, and the African dream begins with me!


We aim at making agreat differnce in the youths’s life so as to make sure that every youth of this generation accesses the best services for abetter tomorow.

Testimonials from our beneficiaries

Am so lucky to be supported by Africa in Motion. My life has changed

Patrick A Benficiary

My life under the service of Africa In motion , Life will never be the same

Patrick A Beneficiary